Neat Freak's ORGANISE YOUR KIDS information pack complete with templates

Information on:
o    Setting routines
o    School & homework
o    Raising responsible children: teach them to tidy up
o    Declutter & define children’s spaces

PLUS templates – designed to make your life a littler easier to manage:

Lift Club Schedule / Activity Planner / Rules List / Chore Template / Birthday Party Planner / Babysitter Info Sheet

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Neat Freak's ORGANISE YOUR HOME information pack complete with templates

Information on:
o    The starting point of de-cluttering & organising spaces.
o    Using what is available & being creative.
o    Defining spaces
o    Using decor to help you 'make space'.

o    General tips for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens & garages'.

PLUS templates – designed to make your life a littler easier to manage:

Shopping List / Personal Medication Record / Gift Inventory / Household Services and more...


"The teaching of a child should not be left to educators alone. Education takes place at home too; teach your child to take responsibility for themselves and their possessions, set chores for them and teach them from an early age to keep a tidy and ordered environment. This is why I recommend the Neat Freak Parenting pack."

Nadja Hunter,
Principal & Owner, Little People Montessori School

"I am the Principal of La Lucia Junior Primary School and I found the Neat Freak site through Deb of MomsMatter. I would love to be able to share tips of all kinds with the parents and children in our school. Parents often under estimate the impact of organisation and/or disorganisation. A child that comes to school with the right things every day has to be at an advantage to one who doesn't!"

Morag Bennett,
Principal, La Lucia Junior Primary School

“I have REVIEWED the Neat Freak PARENTING pack and found it to be most interesting.  So many things we all know or should know and have perhaps forgotten.
I APPROVE the pack as a valuable resource.”

Carol Leech,
Principal, Westville Junior Primary School

"I received the first parenting pack and then the mail you sent recently. I really appreciate your help. I am loving your packs. I am not a messy person but have two boys and they are not fond of chores or discipline. I have found your lists and schedules are helping, so thank you very much."

Lynda of Durban (satisfied customer)


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