Isabelle de Grandpre

Head Chiquita (aka CEO),  Neat Freak

Recognition & Awards

Winner 2011
POAA Founders Award

Finalist, Emerging Entrepreneur

Regional Business Achievers Award 2010

 Affiliations & Networks

 KZNWIB Committee Member

 POAA President 2013

 Affiliated Member

Who is the Neat Freak?

Neat Freak was started in 2008 by Isabelle de Grandpre. Although actually a journalist by profession (working exclusively in the human rights field), Isabelle has also run her own freelance media business.

Over the years, Isabelle has been an office administrator, project coordinator and manager. During this time she developed a knack for establishing systems, clearing and organising stock rooms and even created resource centres from piles of reference materials.

"I've put this experience to the test in my home and personal office and I can do the same for my clients", says Isabelle. "My goal is to help get people organised in such a way that when I leave them, they are able to move forward with whatever system we have created together."

Since starting Neat Freak, Isabelle has grown the business to include a line of products that help you get organised. She tested items with clients and in her home and slowly started building up her range, which she sources both locally and internationally.

The Neat Freak range of products was first launched through open days and markets with the first online shop launched in February 2010 (

The Neat Freak shop ships nationally and has even had clients inquiring from as far as The Netherlands. She hopes to continue growing this side of the business in tandem with her organising services.

Personal References

"Isabelle has her own business. She is an expert at what she does and has amazing out of the box ideas that can revolutionise your business as well as your home and family. She recently did a project for my daughter with respect to her schooling. This involved planning and achieving her goals to achieve maximum results. In her last school term from January to March she moved up to 3rd place in her grade 7 class. I would highly recommend Isabelle in the professional and timeous way in which she conducts her business." 

Alan Hobbes, Owner (Honeycomb Financial Services)

“Isabelle is resourceful, innovative and has the ability of working with your space and requirements. She has transformed my office and working conditions DRAMATICALLY!  Isabelle is the ultimate "Guru" in de-cluttering one's life and she has transformed my staff and my life completely!! I HIGHLY recommend Isabelle - she is AMAZING!!”

Nadine Smith, Owner (Nadine Smith & Associates)

“Isabelle has revolutionised our workspace! She was very professional and attentive to our needs. I would use Isabelle again.”

Alice Leah, Owner (Mum's Mail)

“Isabelle certainly is not afraid to deliver! She can talk the talk but also walks the walk. The monthly calendars that she provides for the MomsMatter website are timeous, accurate and also include a valuable tip which the moms really love. This calendar was even featured in Your Family magazine.” 

Deborah Andrews, Founder (MomsMatter website)

“Once a decision is made to contract with Isabelle one can sit back and know that the project is in brilliant hands. Isabelle is meticulous in whatever she does. Her services in Neat Freak ensured that our national office has an unquestionable filing system. The training provided to our staff is highly recommended. She gives attention to detail. She continuously communicates with the client on the progress made in terms of projects assigned to her.” 

Lindi Coetzee, National Director Street Law South Africa

“Isabelle is passionate about helping others resolve any form of clutter in their lives. She has an excellent business mind and truly is an expert in her field!” 

Emma Dunk, Owner EM-Between Communications

“Isabelle is a professional organiser who comes in, takes charge and transforms a space very quickly. She acts as a catalyst for regeneration and change in both your personal office spaces leading to a sense of well being and greater efficiencies.”

Megan Shepstone, Client

“Isabelle is a wonderful person to work with and for. She is meticulous, organised and constructive. She lives and breathes her brand and products and is one of the most ethical and upstanding people I have had the pleasure of meeting...”

Nikki Moolman, Owner Arrange-It and NDesigns

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